Meet our newest crewmember, Peter Linkhorst, associate producer (community).

Peter, can you share a little bit about yourself?

Of course! My name is Peter Linkhorst and I was born in Stockholm, Sweden. I now live in Norrköping which is about 30 kilometers north of Linköping (where Power Challenge has its office). I’m living with my girlfriend and my 7-year-old dog, Max. Football and hockey have always been big parts of my life, but lately I’ve been watching more than actually playing. I come from a background as a writer and software developer.

What do you find most appealing about ManagerZone?

I like the fact that we have so many different types of people in the game. It doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 85, boy or girl or from Iceland or Brazil, everyone can play each other. As long as you speak the international language of football you can challenge anyone to a match.

What precisely is your role in ManagerZone?

My main objective will be to improve and maintain communication between Crew and Managers. This includes making sure not only that Managers get important information from Crew, but also that Crew hears from the community regarding game improvements and other suggestions. Of course we will not be able to satisfy all requests, but I will make sure to read and consider all suggestions. I'm working closely with Patrick. He has so many vital things to do whilst running the company, I can help him share ideas with the community.

One of ManagerZone’s biggest assets is the experience of Crew and the game’s Managers. That experience is priceless, but sometimes I think it’s good to see things from a new and different perspective to prevent “tunnel vision”. I hope to be someone who comes up with new, fresh ideas and a few different ways of handling problems.

I hope to achieve a lot in ManagerZone. The start of the CrewZone is a first step in giving Managers more insight into how the game is developing. Hopefully, it gives Managers an understanding of why we make the changes that we do. Spending time in the forums will also be a key part of my role. I have already been looking around to get a feel for what’s going on in different countries.

I also really want to work on our overall communication with one another. In a community the size of ManagerZone it is perfectly normal for some people to disagree with each other and that’s fine, as long as everyone is behaving in a mature way. We can work together to tackle the problems that appear from time-to-time.

What is the most challenging part of making the CrewZone?

It can be hard to find a way to make the CrewZone interesting to everyone. I want the CrewZone to be attractive to all Managers, from beginners to experts. I know the CrewZone is going to get better with every issue, and hopefully the readers will like it more each time. Also, I found a few things in the RA tool that need to be improved. If you have any suggestions on how to make the CrewZone better, please email me at

Which team will win the Swedish top division, Allsvenskan, this season?

Well there are two main teams battling for the title at the moment: Helsingborg and Elfsborg. I think Helsingborg will win it this year.

Which team will win the Stanley Cup this season?

As a Red Wings fan, my heart says that Detroit will capture the title this season, but it’s really hard to tell at this point.

From the newest member to one of the most experienced member of the crew. He has been working at PowerChallenge for several years and his Name is Thorbjörn. In ManagerZone however, he is known as Powdersnow:

Thorbjörn, could you introduce yourself so the readers can get a picture of what kind of person you are?

I’m a 32 year old guy from Gothenburg, married with a 5 month old daughter and two cats. I enjoy football a lot, in fact I were an iPhone application I would be a light version of a football encyclopedia. I prefer reading a book to watching a movie any day, and prefer a quiet night watching the stars to an evening on the town. I might just be the “class clown” of the company. But my work is very important to me.

What is your role in the company?

I’m Producer for Power Soccer first and foremost, but due to my amazing versatility (I can do everything short of chewing gum and walking at the same time), I tend to do bits of this and that, filling in when I’m needed. I can’t code though – in fact someone with as little technical ability as me shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a games company. I need to constantly make up for that, so I try to excel in other areas, mainly people management and game design. I’m helping out with the MZ community, since my background is in community work (I started as admin for PS, got drafted as community Manager and later shifted over to the production side).

How long have you been working for the company?

Four years as an employee and another year and a half as volunteer. I created my team in Power Soccer in October of 2005; I’ve been with the company ever since, in one form or another.

Why do you call yourself Powdersnow in ManagerZone?

Well, it isn’t because I use cocaine (which really I don’t), as some seem to think. To be honest when I picked that name I had no idea it was a slang word. And now I’m sort of stuck with it. I quite like it though, but I prefer the abbreviation ‘Pow’. A lot of people actually call me Pow in real life too, especially around the office (but my wife still refuses to though). It doesn’t actually mean anything, I just thought of it one day and it stuck.

Where do you see ManagerZone in say three years?

Vastly improved in every area conceivable.

Which team do you think will win the Premier league this season?

I don’t THINK. I know Liverpool will win it. Ahead of City and United in that order. Adam, Suarez and Carroll: what an amazing group of players. I'm normally an Arsenal fan though, but I don't like the fact they're selling off their best players.

Which team do you think will win the Stanley cup title this season?

I’m actually not that into hockey, but I’ll go with Colorado Avalanche.

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