Welcome, i mirëpritur, ترحيب, 欢迎,bem-vindos, добре дошъл, powitanie, velkommen, teretulnud, bienvenidos, tervetuloa, Bienvenue, καλωσόρισμα, dobrodošli, Laipni lūdzam, welkom, добро пожаловать, menyambut, croeso, välkommen, hoşgeldiniz, benvenuto to the very first issue of the CrewZone. This is a global magazine, which means that we do not write for one specific country, but rather for every country. You could say that this magazine will independently view and report on all the various National Teams, Official Cups and Leagues.

This is not our first CrewZone, but it is the first for a long time! Back at the beginning of ManagerZone, The Zone was made exclusively by Crew. As the game grew, so did The Zone and Managers from many different countries started making magazines for their communities. Today, The Zone is available in 74 different countries, which I think is pretty awesome!

This CrewZone will contain everything from interviews to information on game developments. We will also take a look at various National Teams and the National Coaches, giving you plenty of independent reviews. There will also be a special section just for recent statistics and facts.

We'll release the CrewZone in English, all our local Zones are welcome to translate and use the articles in their own The Zones.

ManagerZone will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, and we have written a section to honour the occasion! Whether you are new to the game or already an expert, you will certainly enjoy reading about the transformation of ManagerZone from a small idea into the thriving game we love today.

I hope all of you had a really good summer but more importantly, I hope everyone will have an excellent autumn in ManagerZone. To start things off right, the U21 World Cup will be exciting to follow. Can Romania, the reigning U21 World Cup champions, defend their title? Which team will be the surprise of the Cup and which player will have a break through? That are just some of the many things to look forward to, so without further ado, let me introduce to you the first issue of the CrewZone!


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